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Video Meetings for the Less Technically-Savvy

For the less technically-savvy people who want a video meetings system without the need for a degree in computer engineering, there’s now a solution that’s simple, secure and easy-to-use.

It’s not Zoom, you don’t have to download stuff and set up an account.

It’s not Webex, that’s too fiddly.

Nor is it Facetime unless the people the people you want to invite own an Apple iSomething.

Publische MEETINGS has made it simplicity itself to invite those less technically-challenged seniors to join your meetings. It works in any up to date browser with a meeting room ID provided by the host.

To host a meeting, just sign into and click on ‘Start a Meeting’.

The system will generate a secure, unique link, which you then copy and paste into a message and send to the people you want to invite.

Your friends don’t need to sign up, create an account, download a video app or buy an iPhone etc (though it will work on one).

When they receive the message, your family, friends or colleagues just click on the secure link.

The video quality and audio quality are both awesome and the sound remains exceptionally good, as it is designed to prioritise sound quality over video quality if you’ve got bandwidth or reception issues. We think it is more important to be able to finish your call properly than to be able to see people that you can’t hear.

Once you are in the video meeting, you can lock the room (for security) and you can navigate a range of settings.

You can Share screen, Raise hand, Lower hand, Open Chat, Enable Microphone and Camera, Invite people, Change call quality.

If you’re adventurous, you can also Livestream to YouTube, Share YouTube videos, Record to Dropbox, Open shared document, and obtain the Speaker stats (time).

It is really easy for older, non-IT people to make and receive video calls using Publische MEETINGS. Older adults can host and invite their friends in a way that is absolutely straightforward.

Publische MEETINGS is also low cost! (We provide a free trial period and the subscription rates are extremely competitive.)

Did we mention the video meeting is secure?

When everyone leaves a meeting, the room is closed forever. If you type a new URL or even use the same one as the previous meeting, and send it, it is a link to a new video call, in a new room.

One-to-one video calls enjoy end-to-end encryption, while larger meetings can be password protected once you are inside and will only end when the person who created the password removes it or leaves the meeting.

Publische MEETINGS is all hosted on servers in Australia so that the data is private and secure. Publische can even set it up for you on your own server, ensuring absolute data privacy and control.

No-one needs to be lonely or confused with video conferencing this uncomplicated.

Sign up for a free trial at