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How to Join a Meeting

Joining a meeting room in Publische Meetings is very easy. All you’ll need is a browser and a meeting room ID provided by your host.

When invited to a meeting, your host will likely send you an email similar to that below:

Jason Friedman is inviting you to a scheduled Publische meeting.
Topic: Personal Meeting Room for Jason Friedman
Join Publische Meeting
Meeting ID: 02498f59f805b6f19bf593531063782e

You can join the meeting by either clicking on the link that will appear in the email:

Or, you can enter the meeting by visiting the Publische homepage and clicking on the “Join a Meeting” link in the top menu.

Clicking on “Join a Meeting” will take you to a page where you can enter the Meeting ID (provided in the email).

That’s pretty much it.

Once you click “Go”, you’ll be taken directly to the video meeting room.