Arranging and ending a meeting

1. Boogie on down to publische.com . Type a meeting room name URL and send it. You can think up a URL or generate one, eg: https://vc.publische.com/CatchUpWithLuce

2. Send the URL by email or calendar meeting request, Slack, WhatsApp, LinkedIn PM, FB Messenger, Instagram, Signal, Twitter, SMS, ICQ, IRC, Riot IM, Delta Chat, Telegram, Telephone, tell a friend, add it to a QR code, put an ad in the newspaper or any or all of these.

3. When your friends, colleagues or relatives click on the URL, they will join the video call. A whole town or one grannie can join a meeting with equal ease – just click on a link in a message.

4. Handheld device users can go to the App store, press install to download the Publische App, press ‘continue’ to join the meeting. Alternatively, they can use the browser on their phone or device.

5. Once you are in there, you can navigate all the settings: Share screen, Raise hand, Open text, Enable Microphone and Camera, Invite people, Change call quality, Livestream to YouTube, Share YouTube videos, Record to Dropbox, Open shared Etherpad document, and obtain the Speaker stats (time). For example, to invite others to your video conference once it has started, press the copy to clipboard icon, then paste the meeting details into a message, using email, PM etc

6. When everyone leaves a meeting the room is closed forever. If you type a new URL or even use the same one as the previous meeting, and send it, it is a link to a new video call, in a new room.


Is Publische Meetings secure?

Yup. One-to-one video calls enjoy end-to-end encryption. Larger meetings do not but the room can be password protected once you are inside and will only end when the person who created the password removes it or leaves the meeting. You can always think up a more complex room name or use our random name generator.

I’m the meeting host. How do I secure the meeting room with a password?

When your meeting begins, select the white i icon in the bottom right corner. Add a secure password or others can access your meeting.

I am really into super-security. Can I host it on a private server that I control?

Why, yes, you can.

Anyone with a valid domain name and a server with good bandwidth can host Publische meetings. It can be set up directly on your own hardware or hosted on a virtual machine.

One gigabyte of memory and one CPU core plus 25 gigabytes of storage should be enough when used on a Linux platform.

Awesome. Can I do that with Zoom?

Er, no. But if you want that level of privacy, there’s always Publische.

Do I need to get my friends to sign up?

No, that’s Zoom. You don’t need that for Publische Meetings.

Do I need to get my friends to create an account?

No, that’s Zoom. You don’t need that for Publische Meetings.

Do I need to get my friends to download an app?

No, that’s Zoom. You don’t need that for Publische Meetings.

Do I need to add attendees’ account names or share a phone number?

No, that’s Zoom. You don’t need that for Publische Meetings.

Do I need to go to the Apple store and buy an iPhone or iPad or Mac?

No, that’s Facetime. You don’t need that for Publische but it will still work with that hardware.

Can I use Microsoft Edge from 2013?

Possibly. You need a web browser that supports WebRTC. Microsoft Edge with the Chrome update does, as does Chrome, Windows 10, Firefox, Opera, etc.

How many people can I have on a meeting?

It depends on your plan, your server and your bandwidth but generally, for meetings exceeding 50 people, the integrated option to live-stream your video conference to YouTube, allows you to increase your number of viewers to 1,000 or more without wrecking the experience.