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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Last updated: 31 August, 2020

Publische Pty Ltd ACN 624 272 215 (Publische) is committed to combining the talents of people.

Publischers are selected by reference to their merit and intellect. We hope you will think about working with us whatever your nationality, race, culture, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, physical ability, relationship status, age, or socio-economic background.

It is pretty basic stuff: Publische is a coming together of professionals that rely on a wide diversity of perspectives and life experience to arrive at solid video communications solutions.

That’s just not possible without being inclusive.

We don’t get to be inclusive without embracing difference.

It is not sustainable unless people enjoy their work and treat each other with fairness and respect. And, according to McKinsey, creativity is sparked by embracing heterogeneity.

The purpose of publishing this policy is to articulate what we’re doing to build a diverse and inclusive workplace. We roll by reference to a set of guidelines.

Our Guidelines

Share your perspective

Weigh in. Tell us what you know. Sharing your unique perspective can inspire and guide your colleagues and clients.
Tell your story to people outside of Publische too, and others might apply to join with us.

Learn about diversity

Make it an ongoing project to attain a better understanding of what it means to work in socially inclusive ways.
Learn about everyone, and think about how you perceive them, with a particular focus on those who have traditionally experienced disadvantage and marginalisation.

Challenge your assumptions, interrogate your beliefs

Whether we are thinking about people or projects, many analytical processes have an unintended, even an intrinsic bias because they are built from the experience and perspective of a particular person.
It is not always easy to perceive whether there’s a problem in the first place so we try to remain aware of it and challenge our assumptions.

Ask for Feedback

We’re shooting for a culture of togetherness, so actively soliciting feedback from our people helps us to identify some of the cultural norms and informal career development practices where, unfortunately, we are not getting it right.
We start a conversation which starts with asking lots of questions about someone’s experience within our workplace, what makes them feel isolated or uncomfortable at work, how we can improve the language we use. Then we act on the feedback to hopefully make Publische more welcoming and diverse.

Good ideas can come from anywhere

As an organisation we encourage cross-pollenation of ideas, careful listening and to remain open to good ideas regardless of who thunk them up.
Publische is pretty flat in a hierarchical sense, but even so, everyone in the organisation with an idea they like is encouraged to speak up.

Think of others. Be considerate

Practising diversity and inclusion requires common sense. We consider public and religious holidays when planning a meetup, or scheduling a call. We avoid holding team meetups in countries that consider homosexuality a contravention of religious teaching, or even a criminal offence.
We avoid slang terms and colloquial idioms with people whose first language is different than our own. In the case of a misunderstanding, we always assume the intention was not malicious.

Treat diversity as a verb as well as a noun

Like the word ‘love’, the words ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are simultaneously nouns and verbs. As nouns, these describe a state of being.
At Publische, we try to remain conscious that these words are also verbs: ‘doing words’ that require action, not just talk. We probably don’t always get it right but we’re giving it a good go.