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7 Reasons to ditch Zoom and Other Video Meeting Solutions for Publische MEETINGS

Choosing the right video meetings tool is an important step for your team, family and social calls. After all, you’ll be using this tool to communicate with others when you’re not able to be there in person! 

And not every video calling app would be suitable and while Zoom and others have established a major presence with a rich set of features and a distinct competitive advantage, sometimes, you want something that will just do the job.

So, we provide a list of 7 reasons why it can make sense to ditch Zoom and others in favour of an effective, ready-to-use video alternative to your next video meeting.

  1. Those choices were not made by you after careful consideration, they were made for you by default. Hands up if you downloaded Zoom when you were invited to a meeting.
  2. Publische MEETINGS is a video conferencing application provided by a trusted Australian company.
  3. Publische MEETINGS is free, universal, works with any up-to-date browser and your own machine, so you don’t need to buy an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or sign up for a Facebook account, Microsoft 365 subscription, etc. Invitees don’t even need to sign up to join a meeting.
  4. It is a simple pleasure to use: Invite people, Use the lobby feature, Share screen, Raise hand, Lower hand, Open chat, Enable Microphone and Camera, Change call quality, Livestream to YouTube, Share YouTube videos, Record to Dropbox, Open shared Etherpad document, kick people out of the meeting (if you are the host), etc.
  5. It is private, no data mining, no eaves-dropping, no third party access, no advertising. Publische can host it on a Publische server or you can choose your own, or that of a trusted third party provider.
  6. It is secure, with end-to-end encryption for one-to-one calls. You own the data, you get to keep it or choose who you trust with it. You can verify too, by inspecting the code for backdoors.
  7. Publische uses open source software and contributes to the global open source community.

Key features of Publische MEETINGS

  • Supports screen sharing and presentation live streaming for better explanations
  • Collaborate on documents using Etherpad feature
  • Customizable URLs for any meeting
  • Integrated chat app for video meetings
  • Supports up to 50 meeting participants
  • Fully featured video conferencing software with a generous free tier
  • User-friendly interface
  • A guest can easily join a meeting room with an invitation link — no signup required for guests and software downloads are not required
  • Built on a reliable foundation of open source software

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